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Life After High School

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Graduating high school is a huge milestone! Four years of hard work and dedication will culminate to one grand celebration of accomplishment. Beyond commencement however, is an empty canvas awaiting the adventures of newly minted graduates. Once the public school journey draws to a close, students will experience a real sense of independence. For the first time in their lives, there is no mandatory next step. Speaking from experience, this new reality is as terrifying as it is tantalizing. Having the freedom to choose means a decision is required, and for some, this can cause an internal crisis so profound it could rival Hamlet’s turmoil.

If this frank depiction of your current situation has alarmed you, take a moment to calm yourself because the SchoolTutoring Academy has got you covered. Keep reading for some unexpected suggestions on what to do after the final curtain call on your high school experience.


One idea can change the world! If you have a great invention or service in mind, taking the time to pursue this avenue might be worthwhile. Through this endeavour you will foster your existing leadership and innovation, important qualities for the workforce. The connections you will gain from diving headfirst into the business industry will help to create long-lasting relationships. If the experience is positive, it may segue into a permanent career within the field. Who knows, you could be the next Steve Jobs. Only time will tell!

Working & Saving

For some teens, money is a real concern. If you are not as financially secure as you wish, finding a job after high school may be the logical next step in your life. Even if your bank balance is not a factor in your decision making process, taking the time to work has benefits for everyone. Obtaining full-time employment will allow you to build your savings and acquire essential skills for functioning in the adult world. Most importantly however, you will gain a more mature perspective, one that will provide insight about what your future holds.


The world is a truly incredible place. From culture, to monuments, to natural beauty, there is something exciting for everyone to discover. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, consider traveling after high school. Just remember that you don’t have to live first class to have an amazing experience. Living minimally while touring can actually provide a more authentic view of the culture and it allows for more flexibility. If journeying into the unknown with no set direction is too frightening, another way to experience the world is to partake in an exchange program. For endless adventure and lifelong memories, look into your travel options today!


Okay, so I lied – not all of these suggestions are unexpected. Going to school after graduation is actually the most common choice among students. For those who know (or at least think they know) exactly where they’re heading in life, this is a fantastic option. Having a degree or diploma behind your name is incredibly helpful when trying to land the dream job. Just remember that if find yourself unimpressed with your program, changing majors is always an option.


Are you a natural leader? Do you have strong opinions and passionate ideals that you long to implement? If so, you may consider joining the “good fight” and becoming a social, political, or even environmental activist. There are countless causes, both local and international, that are desperate for support. Shaping the world is a noble pursuit and regardless of whether the work is paid or unpaid, the transferable skills and life experience gained will give your resume an incredible edge.


Strictly speaking, this option may fall under the umbrella of school. Mastering a trade however, can provide many unique and prosperous career opportunities. In fact, technically trained employees are in huge demand by both the private and public sectors alike. The entrance salaries for these positions are (usually) high and since obtaining the official certifications takes relatively little time, a mid-life career change is certainly a viable option. If you excel with hands-on skills, look into becoming an apprentice!

Whichever path you select for your future is the right choice. It’s being brave enough to make a decision, to follow your passion, that counts. If you are worried that your grades are in jeopardy, contact SchoolTutoring Academy for an extra academic boost.

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