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The Link Between Physical Activity & School

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The physical benefits of an active lifestyle have long been recognized. It’s the positive effects of exercise on the mental state, that until recently, have remained hidden. From improved mood to increased focus, the impacts are widespread. Countless scientific studies have been conducted in the past decade to support, and explain, this phenomenon. The astonishing results have shown that the benefits of exercise actually extend to the classroom. That’s right, physical activity can help improve academic performance!  The insights of this article will make an active lifestyle for children, the number one priority for parents.

Even young children can agree that the brain is responsible for learning. What they don’t know is that the process of understanding and retaining new information, falls primarily to a special organ known as the hippocampus. Just like the muscles, this area of the brain can be “strengthened” through exercise. Studies show that the hippocampus enlarges during physical activity and thanks to MRI scanning, there is now proof that this organ is actually larger in active children. Amazingly enough, this is not the only memory enhancing benefit gained through regular movement. During and after exercise, the hormones endorphin and serotonin are released from the brain. They are responsible for improving memory and mood respectively. The combined effect of these hormones in most youth is a decreased level of stress and an overall contentedness. Exercise combines the perfect enhancement of memory and mood to create the ideal mentality for learning.

Mindset however, is not the only key to a great report card. As any teacher will attest, classroom conduct is an important factor in finding success at school. Students must be focused, well-behaved, and cooperative with others. Luckily, frequent physical activity is proven to facilitate this. In addition to an enhanced mood, clarity and attentiveness is a direct result of exercise. On average, students who are continually active are able to better control themselves within the school environment. Proper classroom co

nduct increases productivity levels which helps children to complete their work in a timely and more accurate manner.

As young children mature into teens, the responsibility for their schooling falls largely on their own shoulders. With a growing list of obligations, it takes discipline and planning to maintain an active lifestyle. This ability to manage time will transfer into the world of academia as well. In addition, organized sports are a popular method of incorporating exercise into daily life. Studies show that drop-out rates are lower among students who play interscholastic sports, as are rates of drug and alcohol consumption. Partaking in daily physical activity as a teenager encourages a successful foundation.

The healthy mentality and habits gained from an active lifestyle allows for academic success. Youth should be getting at least an hour of daily physical activity to optimize these benefits.  With this in mind, next time your child is struggling to focus or to recall important details, the best approach may truly be an exercise break. You will marvel at the difference that just twenty to thirty minutes of physical activity will make! Of course, if further assistance meeting academic standards is required to meet, please contact us for a convenient and individualized tutoring experience.  

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