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Carpe Diem: Ideas for Making The Summer Count!

Carpe Diem: Ideas for Making The Summer Count!

Carpe Diem: Ideas for Making The Summer Count! 452 274 Teaching Staff

“School’s Out!” The excited cries of students can be heard across the nation as spring finally turns to summer. June marks the end of tiring school days filled with seemingly endless homework assignments and ushers in a period of fun and relaxation. Once the novelty of free time wears off however, the question on the minds of many is “What now?”. Don’t let this precious time be squandered. School-aged children work hard all year round; they deserve a fulfilling summer! Keep reading for exciting ideas that will not only enrich the lives of your young, but provide lifelong memories.

Interest-Oriented Camps

This summer, skip your usual daycare routine and enroll your child in a themed camp. From athletics to arts, there is an increasingly wide range of options available incommunities. Interest-oriented camps typically incorporate the best elements of a traditional camp experience but strive to provide specialized instruction in a specific area. The possibilities that new skills create are endless and this is definitely the best opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a fun, low-pressure environment. Some of my fondest memories as a young child include the sports camps that my parents enrolled me in. I strongly encourage these programs to any parent considering them. Whether it’s pursuing a new hobby or refining existing skills, your child will benefit from the unique experience that a themed camp provides!

Give Back to the Community

The relaxed pace of summer provides time for reflection and a grateful heart. When provided with so much in life, it’s fulfilling to have the opportunity to give back. The world would be a better place if everyone took a moment to donate their time. It’s never too early to instill qualities like humility, community, and dedication into the minds of children. Volunteering will definitely teach transferable skills and it helps create the sense of belonging that children covet.

YMCA / Rec Centre Membership

Memberships to organizations like the YMCA and your local Rec Centre are the most simple, cost-effective option for children in the summer. These establishments are accessible to all and they offer a wide range of activities designed specifically for youth. Most importantly, many of the activities promote physical activity. Older children will absolutely love the independence of having their own membership and can encourage their school friends to join them as well. What a great way to stay in touch and stay active!

Summer Job

For teens, their first summer job is an iconic milestone. Not only does it serve as a glimpse into the “real world”, but it’s also a stepping stone toward future success. Your child will be telling tales of their first job for years to come. Although the promise of a huge paycheck can be enticing, just make sure they’re not taking on too many hours. After all, summer is a time for rejuvenation.

Whichever activities you choose for your child, make this summer count! Then, when a perfect summer fades to fall, don’t forget to contact us for all of your academic needs.


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