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Maintaining a Productive Workspace

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Productivity is the effectiveness of one’s efforts. Anyone who has ever had to complete a task that they don’t enjoy, understands the importance of this principle. What few realize however, is that the quality of their workspace directly impacts their productivity levels. Regardless of your responsibilities, this four step approach will revolutionize your work environment, resulting in maximum efficiency.

1.  Declutter

Keep your area tidy! Anything not essential to the task must go. This includes any snacks, garbage, knick knacks, and scrap papers that may be lying around. A neat and orderly desk will focus your attention toward your current demands while improving organization. The act of decluttering your surroundings will subconsciously clear your mind and allow for coherent  and pertinent ideas to surface. A similar principle can be applied to the number of open tabs and documents on your computer.

2.  Create a System

Whether you are studying, writing, or solving math problems, you need a consistent and logical method for tackling the challenge. This can be something as simple as regularly marking the pages of relevant notes so that they are easily accessible or having a textbook positioned in an optimal fashion. The repetition of this routine will help program your mind to “get in the groove” when it comes to working through dreaded assignments. In addition, gathering the necessary tools before beginning the task will reduce the number of interruptions. Some useful materials to have handy include: highlighters, sticky notes, relevant course materials, notepads, and a calculator.    

3.  Eliminate Distractions

Interruptions to the flow of ideas is severely detrimental to productivity. The two most common culprits are electronics and unnecessary noise. When entering your workspace, try turning your phone and laptop to “do not disturb” mode. This will block any incoming call, messages, and alerts without compromising the useful resources found on these devices. Use noise cancelling headphones to eliminate distracting sounds or if music helps you to focus, try listening to a favourite song on repeat as background noise.      

4.  Adjust the Environment

Everyone has their own preference regarding the optimal work environment. Just because you are hard at work doesn’t mean you should compromise your comfort levels. In terms of productivity, small changes can go a long way.  Are you constantly squirming? Do you tend to squint? Consider adjusting the lighting and changing your seat if these issues persist. For some however, wearing relaxing clothes and slippers is the only requirement for better focus. Regardless of your preferences, making physical adjustments to your work environment will not only increase your productivity, but your overall attitude as well!   

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