Post Secondary Education: What Should New Students Know?

Post Secondary Education: What Should New Students Know?

Post Secondary Education: What Should New Students Know? 492 400 Teaching Staff

You’ve just graduated from high school and spent months choosing and applying what post-secondary institution you want to attend. September finally rolls around and you are excited about attending a new school and meeting tons of new people. But along with your feelings of excitement for a new experience, also comes with fear and nerves. Here are 5 things that every student should know before going into post-secondary education.

1. Don’t isolate yourself.

Although you might be scared and shy to put yourself out there at first, don’t be! As much as school is important your life experiences are too! Don’t shut yourself from outside world and just focus on studying. Don’t be afraid to join clubs and extracurriculars and push yourself outside your comfort zone once in a while. College/ university is a great place meet new friends and to discover your likes and dislikes. Who knows maybe you’ll find out something new about yourself you didn’t know before!

2.  Know what you want (or sort of want) 

Know what you want! Always have an idea about what you want to be getting out of your education. A lot of students going into college/ university that still do not know what they would like to do as their future careers and that’s okay. College/ university is the place to explore your interests until you find your passions; however, it is important for you to set a goal even though you are unsure that it is what you want to do in the future. Setting this goal allows you not to stray too far away from what you like as well as being able to explore the various opportunities in the similar field.

3. Take advantages of the services available at your institution

When students first enter college/ university, they are often overwhelmed by the new environment and academic pressures – picking new courses, using the online school system and finding their classes on campus. However, don’t forget every institution has a variety of help and support systems to help guide freshman through the first couple weeks of school. Take advantage of your school’s insurance, financial aid and mental health support system that is available. Many students struggle on their own not knowing that their school has the resources to help them – always reach out. 

4. Know what you are paying for.

Nowadays since most transactions are done online, students don’t really know what they are paying for. Make sure when it is time to pay for your tuition you read and understand the costs and fees through the online system before paying your tuition. Many students just pay the fees not knowing what it is going towards! You can often find more information on your school fees through you school website and sometimes you can even opt out or request a refund for those fees if you aren’t interested! With post-secondary fees skyrocketing every year, every dollar you can save helps. 

5. Make the best out of your post-secondary education.

You may think and feel like these 4 years will be the longest 4 years of your life. It won’t be! In fact, these 4 years will pass by in a blink of an eye! As much as studying is important don’t forget to make the best out of your education by joining extracurriculars, clubs and internships. Find what you are passionate about and get to know more people. In fact, many students say that their closest friends were actually found in university! So don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new and enjoy your post-secondary experience!

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