The Benefits of Playing Sports

The Benefits of Playing Sports

The Benefits of Playing Sports 1200 700 Teaching Staff

Extracurricular activities are an important and enriching experience for children to have. With such a vast array of exciting opportunities to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one(s) to enroll your child in. Most commonly, parents carefully select the programs that reflect their own youth. The hope is that they will gift their children with the same wonderful memories that they themselves possess. This doesn’t always, however, include the opportunity to participate in a sport. Although each activity provides a unique experience, the benefits of sports are extensive. There are in fact, four great reasons why every child should belong to a team at least once in their life.

Transferable Skills

Although the specific moves associated with each individual sport are rarely used out of context, the transferable skills that your child will gain are indispensable. Whether it is in the game or at practise, communication and cooperation are constantly required. Players must quickly become adept at teamwork if they hope to optimize their experience. As parents, you will notice a great deal of maturity in the way your child interacts with their peers. Should your child make the decision to continue their athletic pursuits throughout their teenage years, the responsibility to manage their schedule will eventually land on them. As the pace of their lives increases, it will take dedication and strong time management to accommodate these extracurriculars. All of these important, yet difficult to attain qualities, are forged through sports. Enrolling your child will truly give them an edge in life.

Healthy Active Lifestyle

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Regardless of the level of competition and the amount of commitment you choose for your child, belonging to a team will foster a healthy active lifestyle. Playing a sport is a wonderfully fun way to satisfy the sixty minute daily physical activity requirement. In addition, most teams promote proper hydration and eating habits through organized snacks and group events. By providing a positive experience that involves the foundations of a healthy life, you will create a lasting example for your child’s future.


There is no better way than a sport for your child to become involved in their community. Not only will it foster the sense of belonging that all youth covet, but it will also create lasting relationships. Speaking from experience, teammates truly make the best friends. Most importantly however, the mutual trust that these bonds generate, combined with the positive example of the coaching staff, will greatly boost your child’s self-esteem. Athletes will carry this confidence as well as the fiery pride of having belonged to something special, with them into adulthood.


While having fun is an important aspect of every game, there is always a winner and a loser in the world of sports. It can certainly be agreed upon that one outcome is more enjoyable than the other, but all young athletes will experience both throughout their days of competition. Regardless of whether they triumph or fail, they must do so with grace. There is absolutely no excuse for trash talk and other rage induced antics. Gloating in the face of a defeated opponent is equally shameful. Some of this behaviour however, may be your child’s natural instinct. Under the guidance of a strong coach, athletes are taught the concept of good sportsmanship. This classy behavior is easiest to instill at a young age and it will benefit your child in all areas of their life. Proper conduct, and the self-control that it develops, is perhaps the greatest life lesson youth gain from sports.

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