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Fostering a Love of Learning in Your Child

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Learning begins from the minute we are born, and it’s never too late to get your child excited about their educational journey. It is important to remember that a large portion of a child’s learning occurs through observation. They will model their behavior around the behavior of a trusted party. By being a positive role model, you can show your child just how much fun learning can be! Here are some suggestions for how you can get your child learning:

Communicating your enthusiasm to your child, especially when they are young will allow them to develop their continued interest in obtaining knowledge, as they grow and move into adult life. This can be as simple as taking the time to read a book with your child based on their interest. It will become a fun family activity and eventually a habit that will help develop vocabulary and new knowledge.

Exploring your Child’s Interests
You can help your child explore their own interests by taking ‘field trips’ to explore different locations. Taking a visit to a local museum can be a fun day trip; museums often have a child’s area that displays educational material in a fun and interactive way. Your local library is another good place to start; most offer a wealth of knowledge in the form of books, CDs and DVDs–free of cost. They also usually offer reading programs that your child can enjoy with friends and siblings.

Make Learning Fun
Provide items that your child enjoys as an outlet for educational experience: encourage educational TV time and computer games that enrich math or reading skills for example. Use positive reinforcement to help complete tasks that may be less enjoyable: you could start by incorporating snack time and homework time.

As your child grows, it is also important to ensure that your children are working comfortably at the same level as their peers. It can be intimidating or embarrassing to learn and participate in class if your child is behind academically. There are many resources available to keep them engaged and help to expand their horizons.

Remember, your positive attitude towards learning will be reflected in your child’s outlook. With the right resources and mind-set, the sky is the limit!

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