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Probability and Statistics Tutors

Custom Probability and Statistics Tutoring Programs

The Probability and Statistics tutors at SchoolTutoring Academy start by assessing a student’s current abilities so they can build a personalized learning program. Rather than teaching to a classroom full of students, we take a one-on-one approach. This allows for each tutoring session to move at the student’s pace and focus on concepts they need more assistance with. Our tutor will expertly guide a student through Probability and Statistics material so that they gain confidence in the subject and their ability to work independently on classroom and homework problems.

In addition to high school Probability and Statistics tutoring, SchoolTutoring Academy’s also offers college students with Probability and Statistics tutoring covering all first and second year programs including Math, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. These programs include review of core math fundamentals as they apply to the student’s Probability and Statistics curriculum.

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Probability and Statistics Tutoring Program Details

SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutors programs help students become skilled with foundational topics that are used extensively in future mathematics study. Our program includes:

  1. How to organize and explore data sets
  2. Effective sampling and experimentation techniques and methods
  3. Measure of Central Tendency and Dispersion including Standard Deviation
  4. Concepts of Probability theory
  5. Random Variables and their application to real-world probability situations
  6. Probability Distribution
  7. Techniques for measuring Sampling Distribution
  8. How to perform Simple Regression
  9. Advanced topics in Curve Fitting

A Tutoring Curriculum Aligned to School District Standards

Our Math tutoring curriculum, including Probability and Statistics, is closely aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Math developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math. SchoolTutoring Academy Probability and Statistics tutors have extensive teaching experience across all areas of the Math curricula.

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Meet Some of Our Probability and Statistics Tutors

Michigan Technological UniversityM.S. in Operations Management
“Being a student in different stages in my life and being a mentor/professor/tutor for middle school kids, for finance professionals and for telecom engineers I believe that taking a concept and making it work using an everyday example is the best learning method I have experienced.”
Sidafa C. – Math Tutor – Fall River, MA
University of Massachusetts DartmouthComputational Mathematics, Accounting
“After every session, I find it best to ask the student to teach me the material.”
Suisui Z. – Math/English Tutor – Regina, SK
University of ReginaEconomics
“I believe that the goal of education is to enrich the lives of students while producing articulate, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners who are socially responsible, resilient and active citizens of the world.”
Glen J. – Math Tutor – North Las Vegas, NV
University of California, San DiegoMathematics
“Students learn more easily about topics that they are passionate about learning and are relevant to their personal lives.”
Umaima H. – Math Tutor – Waterloo, ON
University of Western OntarioActuarial Science
“My philosophy on education is based on active approach, so I engage my students in discussions during our sessions.”
University of AlbertaElectrical Engineering
“My idea of teaching is to develop a true passion in students towards the subject.”

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