5 Tips to Alleviate Stress

5 Tips to Alleviate Stress

5 Tips to Alleviate Stress 850 476 Teaching Staff

Life as a student, whether in high school or university, may get tough at times. We all deal with a range of issues in addition to the multiple assignments and tests to study for. High levels of stress may lead to health problems in the future which would be best to avoid. In order to keep grounded and cope with stress, one must find their own “happy place” to help keep your mind of of overwhelming thoughts. This may seem cheesy, but once you try out these tips, you may find enjoyment as a result.

  • Find a hobby

Since we all have interests and enjoyment from doing certain activities, hobbies can branch off from there. Some common hobbies include exercising, reading, watching tv, star gazing, video gaming, writing music and so much more. Start by thinking about what takes your mind off of your hardships and continuing doing that once in a while. Personally, I enjoy reading science fiction novels because they introduce me to a new world giving me a chance to live another life. Just set 30 minutes to an hour every one or two days and you will look forward to it and feel much better.

  • Take a walk

Since nature has a way with soothing our minds, taking a walk can help a lot. Just by hearing the rustling leaves through the whistling wind in the spring or the leaves crunching beneath your feet in the fall helps our mind stay grounded and feel as one with the earth. Any time of the day would be a beautiful time to take a walk. In the morning and evening you can see the sky’s colur changing as the sun rises and sets just to ease your mind.

  • Confide

Socializing does not always mean going outside and talking to people, it can also be done online at the comfort of your home. Whichever way works for you is the way to go. If you are not much of a talker, try talking to one or two friends or family once in a while. Whether you talk to your friends, a therapist, or join clubs, talking to somebody helps make your life seem at ease. You would be surprised how many people can relate to some problems you may be dealing with.

  • Treat yourself

After a long and hard week, you should treat yourself to something. Whether it is dinner with friends or staying in to watch a show or drinking bubble tea, do whatever helps you feel relaxed. This would make you more productive in future tasks as you are “recharging” your brain by rewarding yourself.

  • Reflect on overwhelming situations

Set some time to reflect on your life: where it is headed, what you are doing right now, how to improve in the future. A lot of problems we deal with can easily be solved and dealt with by recognizing the root of the problem and solving it from there. It’s like trying to close all the opened files in your mind and reduce the clutter.

There you go, those are five tips to alleviate stress coming from a university student. There is no harm in trying, just be sure to leave enough time to complete day-to-day tasks.

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