Apps to Help You Prepare for the SAT

Apps to Help You Prepare for the SAT

Apps to Help You Prepare for the SAT Teaching Staff

With today’s technological innovations SAT prep and studying doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom or study sessions. While you are surely devoting a good amount of time to traditional studying, it may help to try out a new study method and change your surroundings a little. With a plethora of apps available for download, sorting through and finding the best ones can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of a few study apps that may be worth checking out.

  • Adapster SAT Math.With over 1,000 challenging questions from over 30 topics, this app will keep you on your toes. The app allows you to answer questions in multiple choice or grid format. If you get stuck on a question, you can ask for a hint, which is good for strengthening problem-solving skills. The correct answers are explained to you so you can understand how to reach them on your own, and the lessons can be customized to fit to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mindsnacks. Mindsnacks is a vocab prep app that will give your brain something to chew on. Learn up to 500 new words and phrases in one of the 25 lessons designed by SAT and PSAT test prep and writing experts. The personalized learning algorithms help boost memorization and retention. The enhanced review mode lets you focus on current lessons or revisit those you’ve already completed.
  • SATLadder.If you’re a gamer or you’ve got a competitive streak, then this is the study app for you. This app allows you to participate in head-to-head matches and other competitions, pitting you against other prospective test takers. The app features questions from all three sections of the test and gives you five possible answers for each question. Compete against your friends or complete strangers and see how high you can climb the ladder.
  • SAT Question of the Day Free. Keep your brain on its toes every single day with this app. The full version of the app includes every SAT question from the last month, over 7,000 SAT vocabulary words, hundreds of math and sentence completion problems, and much more. In just 60 seconds a day, you can prep for the SAT and supplement your knowledge and understanding of the skills needed to ace the test.
  • Ace the SAT. This ever-evolving app features new questions all the time to keep you ready for anything. With no question ever repeating, you can challenge yourself as you study. The correct answers are given and some questions have detailed explanations. Once you’ve logged some study time you can even track your progress, see how you’re doing compared to other users and approximate a score range for the SAT.
  • SAT Math Testbank. This math-prep app will get you ready to crunch those numbers on the big test. The easy-to-use app offers challenging and stimulating test questions with detailed solutions, so you can see where the answers come from. While helping to prep you for the test and build your confidence, this app also features a favorites list feature that will allow you to track and review missed questions. You can even quiz yourself for a practice session!

As our schedules seem to fill up these days and it becomes harder and harder to carve out time dedicated to study, you may want to check out some mobile study options. Using a test prep app allows you to study for long or short periods of time, on the go, and in any situation. Using these apps everyday will help you retain information better and prepare you for the types of questions you’ll see on the test. While dedicated study time is still important, these apps can help fill in the gaps while you prepare.

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