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Choosing Extracurricular Activities

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Deciding which extracurricular activities your child participates in can be stressful. With so many choices and pressure to give your child plenty of opportunities you may find yourself wondering what to choose and when to draw the line. Or, you may feel totally lost and not know what will be best for you and your child. Here are some points to consider when choosing extracurricular activities.

  • Consider your child’s interests. This should be first and foremost. Obviously, you want to find something your child is interested in before you decide he or she should become a part of it. Knowing your child’s interests and talents will make choosing extracurricular activities easier and will better ensure your child will enjoy participating.
  • Consider your child’s workload. Each student is different, and you will want to take into account your child’s academic responsibilities. If your child is in advanced classes and has more work to complete each week, you need to keep that in mind when choosing even more to add to his or her schedule. If your child has a tutor or aid that he or she works with, you need to consider the time spent doing that as well. Also keep in mind that different activities will take up different amounts of time. A science club could meet once a week, while a sports team or musical instrument could require daily dedication.
  • Consider alternatives. If your child is not interested in sports teams or any of the specific groups or programs offered at his or her school, look into alternative options. Find local or regional groups and programs that he or she can participate in. This can also be beneficial because it will widen your child’s social circle and allow him or her to interact with new people.
  • Reexamine. Take some time every once in a while to step back and examine the situation. As your child grows and his or her interests change, leading to different groups and activities, keep an eye on your child’s schedule and commitments. It can be easy to gradually take on too much without even realizing it. Remember that school should come first, and also remember that down time can be important for your child. Giving him or her enough time to decompress and enjoy just being a kid can be very beneficial.

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