Eliminating Distractions to Your Learning

Eliminating Distractions to Your Learning

Eliminating Distractions to Your Learning 150 150 SchoolTutoring.Staff

You have allotted two hours to study for the math test tomorrow. The next thing you know, you glance at your clock and it says 2:00am. The tragic thing is, you have only gone through one-third of the material you needed to cover.

We live in a world where social media and the presence of advanced technological devices are distracting us from our goals. Students often find it difficult to put away their cellphones or turn off that Tumblr tab. However, with the next few tips, students can better manage their time and not find themselves cramming for tests/finals or trying desperately to beat the assignment deadline.

Here are some tips that will hopefully aid you to become a more productive student and to maximize the time that you have to complete any task.

1.  Enjoy Your Task

– If you always lose focus when completing homework, then make a game out of it. Treat yourself after you have finished these assignments
– If you have difficulties studying alone because text messages are always distracting you, then find other students to study with for mutual benefits

2. Find Out What the Distraction is

– Your distraction may be friends, technological devices, a wandering mind, etc.

– If you are distracted online by social media websites, try installing a software that will block you from entering these websites to curb the habit

3. Find a Location That Will Eliminate These Distractions

– Give that cellphone or laptop to someone then find a place to settle down and complete your tasks

– Keep your workplace clean to avoid clutter that may distract you

4. Take Breaks for Those Distractions

– Allot time for breaks so you do not overwhelm yourself before getting back into the routine again for more productive work

This article was written for you by Natalle, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.