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Encouraging a Reluctant Reader

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Reading is a skill that is crucial for academic success, however a lot of parents notice that as their child gets older their interest in reading for fun wanes. This can be a concern because becoming an effective reader is mostly developed through practice.

Remember that not every child is born a bookworm, so here are some handy tips to get any student excited about pleasure reading.

Expose them to lots of reading material

Instilling a passion for reading in your kids starts with you. Get them excited! You can start by planning trips to the library where they have free access to a multitude of different reading materials.  Always having reading material available is key; whether it is in the living room, your child’s room or even in the car. This makes reading a viable option anywhere. If your child spends a lot of time in the car, try a combination of books and books on tape as well to keep the story going.

Keep your options open

Find out where your child’s interests lie and choose books accordingly. Reading a comic book may seem trivial at first, but it is the first step towards reading longer novels. If a chapter book is too intimidating, try encouraging short stories or a magazine.  There are many great kids magazines available that offer monthly subscriptions.  Be sure to promote discussions based on any material they have read as well. This can help them see the relevance in what they are doing as well as make them more confident in their abilities.

Set a positive example

Show them that you value reading by including a book with presents or giving them an allowance to spend on a book of their choice. As a prominent role model in your child’s life, it is also important to show your children that reading is important to you and something you enjoy. If you make a habit of picking up a book, your child will begin to do the same. Remember, developing an enthusiastic reader can take time.  Offer encouragement and patience, and watch your child’s reading abilities flourish!

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