Getting Ready to Go Back to School

Getting Ready to Go Back to School

Getting Ready to Go Back to School 150 150 Kristen

At this point you and your littles one have probably been enjoying the lazy days of summer and gotten into the habit of being on vacation. With just a few weeks before most schools start, your vacation will be over before you know it. Getting ready for going back to school ahead of time will make the inevitable transition much easier for both you and your children.

The first step you can take is to spend some time getting your children excited about going back to school. Talking about school in a positive tone, reading books together about going back to school and talking about the fun things they will be doing when they head back to school can help get your child excited about the impending first day. Plan special “back-to-school” days where you go shopping for new clothes, school supplies, a backpack, etc.

If your child still seems hesitant, remind him or her of all the things they like about school. Remind your child all of their friends will be returning to school and they’ll get to see them every day. Favorite teachers will also be back. If your child is into extracurricular activities, remind him or her of the club or sports team starting back up again.

Get your child excited about the new things they’ll be experiencing too. Your child’s old routines and friends can certainly be comforting, but new experiences, new teachers and new friends can be exciting for your child. If your child is interested in academics and learning new things, remind them of all the new classes they’ll be taking. If your child is a social butterfly, get him or her excited about all the new people.

Make practice runs. Going back to school can be tough, so eliminating any difficulties beforehand can help make the event much less stressful. If you’re carpooling, figure out the route you want to take and do a practice run, even taking into account traffic in the morning and afternoons so you can make sure to be on time when the day comes. If your children have a bus stop, take a practice walk to see exactly how long it takes to get there. If your child’s school offers an orientation, attend that and allow your child to find his or her classrooms ahead of time and figure out how to get from class to class.

Heading back to school can be plenty of things – stressful, hectic, chaotic, overwhelming, etc. But it doesn’t have to be. For those who plan and ease themselves back into the school year and routine, heading back for another year can be fun and exciting.

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