How to do Better on the ACT Science Section

How to do Better on the ACT Science Section

How to do Better on the ACT Science Section Teaching Staff

The ACT science section can intimidate a lot of people. Feeling like you need to know all of this stuff can leave many students in distress. Luckily for you, you won’t need to know everything. In the passages you’ll be dealing with, you’ll be given everything that you need in order to answer all of the questions. However, they may ask you to make logical progressions from how you think.


Many of the question will ask you about things directly from the passage, and so we’ll be dealing with how to improve your ability to answer these types of problems.

In order to make yourself the most efficient you could be in the 35 minute period that you’re given for the science section, you’ll have to be able to divide your time efficiently.


The best way to split up the 7 different passages is to split them up by the number of questions that the passage will ask.

One Passages – 7 questions

Two Passages – 6 questions

Four Passages – 5 questions


So we see that in order to make the time limit, we have to use less than one minute per a question, and that includes reading that passage itself too!

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This article was written for you by Tobias one of the tutors with Test Prep Academy.