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Introducing a Book from One of Our Tutors: Illustrated Feline Family Chronicle – The Tales of Astro Cat

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One of our tutors recently published a book and we wanted to help get the word out about it. You can read an excerpt about the book below.

Behind every great scientist stands a great cat. This may not be well known, but as the tales of Astro Cat unfold it will be shown to be so. From the patriarch, U Phat Khat of the medieval Kingdom of Siam, through to the present day, this remarkable line of lynx point Siamese cats continually become entwined in the lives and careers of many of the great natural philosophers and scientists, both men and women, of the past 700 years, including Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Halley, up to the legendary figures of the twentieth century. Notable felines like Unity the Gravity Cat, Simon the Comet Cat, Alabaster Pericles – famed for A Trip to the Moon – and Perseus, also known as Schrodinger’s Cat, leap from these pages and take the reader on their amazing and sometimes strange adventures.

The authors believe that The Tales of Astro Cat could also be a valuable resource for teaching both young and old about the history of scientific discovery and for sparking interest in learning more about astronomy and other areas. They are looking for resources and for educators in the field of science in hopes of letting them know about this book. Please send along any suggestions you may have.

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