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Listening to Music while Studying

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Some people enjoy listening to music while studying, while others say that it distracts them far too much. Whatever your stance, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of listening to music while studying.






The Pros

Music can help you get “in the zone” and filter out other background noises that may be distracting you. If you are in a noisy environment, the repetitive tempos and sounds can help to reduce the effects of that noise on your studying ability. On the other hand, many people do not like sitting in silence if they are in a quiet place, so music can be a great way to add some sound to your studying.


Music can also help you relax when you are studying a topic that might be particularly difficult for you. Instead of allowing yourself to get stressed about a tricky topic, music gives you the opportunity to stop, hum along for a few moments, and then get right back to work. On that note, music actually tends to put people in positive moods, which therefore boosts their ability to memorize facts.


Of course, if music is not your favourite thing to listen to while studying, there is always the option of turning on background ambient noises. This might include the sound of rain, birds chirping, or even a recording of a cafe or bookstore.






The Cons

While studying, it is usually better to listen to music that does not have lyrics so the words do not distract you from what you are reading. This can include slow, classical music, or more upbeat electronic music. Whatever your preference, the lack of lyrics will help you to remain more focused on your work and prevent you from singing along!


In addition, music that is loud or intense often reduces your ability to retain information while studying. “Angry” sounding music can actually put you in a bad mood, which reduces your ability to memorize and retain facts, so always be careful of the type of music that you are listening to.

Finally, listening to music while studying is not recommended for someone who gets distracted easily or has difficulties multitasking. Humming or singing along to your favourite parts of a song is not a bad thing, but it can take away from your study time if you do this too much.


It might take some time to discover what study habits work best for you, but once you do, you will be able to study better than ever!

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