Looking for a Reading Tutor

Looking for a Reading Tutor

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Reading is an essential skill that can open up both new worlds and new opportunities for your child. But if your child is struggling with reading, opening a book can seem more like a punishment than an enriching activity. Luckily, difficulty with reading is not a life sentence. With help from a good reading tutor, your child can learn the techniques he needs to become a successful reader.

The U.S. Department of Education states: “While reading is learned primarily in the classroom, many students need extra time and help. Research shows that tutoring is a great way for individuals and groups outside school to support learning.”

If you’ve decided to hire a tutor to help your child improve his reading skills, here are a few things to look for:

  • Training. Look for a certified tutor with strong teaching skills. A tutor that works for a reputable company like SchoolTutoring Academy is continually reviewed and offered feedback to ensure the highest level of tutoring excellence.
  • Experience. It’s important to find a tutor that has experience tutoring children specifically in reading. There are many techniques an experienced tutor can employ to reach your child in ways traditional classroom learning cannot.
  • Good with children. A good tutor can establish a relationship with your child so that your young learner doesn’t mind going to tutoring sessions each week. If your child dislikes the tutor, he may associate those feelings with tutoring in general.
  • Communicative. A good tutor will be able to communicate your child’s progress with you, whether you would like verbal or written reports. She will also be able to communicate with your child’s teacher if you would like.
  • Availability. You need to find a tutor who can meet with your child regularly. Make sure her she is available at times that work well with your child’s schedule.

If your child’s reading progress is hindered by a learning disability, such as dyslexia, tutors with specialized training in learning disabilities are available.

Once you’ve chosen the right reading tutor for your child, you can expect the tutor to help your child in a variety of ways. Due to the one-on-one nature of tutoring, the tutor will be able to offer immediate feedback on your child’s reading skills. By correcting errors as they happen, a tutor can help your child stay on track and avoid repeating errors and forming poor habits. A tutor can also motivate your child to want to improve his reading abilities and become less frustrated when he experiences difficulties.

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