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Maintaining Academic Performance over the Holiday Season

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It is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us! With all of the hustle and bustle that December tends to bring, it is very easy for students to fall behind with their homework while having their academic performance becoming stagnant. Considering the time of year, it is certainly important for everyone to spend valuable time with friends and family, along with setting aside some moments to relax and recharge ourselves for the upcoming year. Along with this, students should set aside a moderate amount of time over the holidays to ensure they do not lose any knowledge that they’ve gained this semester while preparing themselves for the coming weeks and months of school.

Here are a few tips to ensure every student’s academic performance is not only maintained – but even improved – over the holiday season:

Make Study Notes
Many high-school and college students dread the end of the holidays as this marks the beginning of a short countdown towards final exams. Over their winter break, students can review the material they have learned over the past few months to ensure they do not lose any of the important information they have worked hard to remember. Simply reading or glazing over textbook pages and handouts does not necessarily guarantee a student will absorb information. For memory retention purposes, it is much more beneficial if students either handwrite or type-out summary notes which not only will help them remember material better, it will also be much easier to study for tests and exams.

Get Ahead
If students are on top of their studies, the holiday season is an opportune time to get ahead on school! The winter semester is traditionally much busier than the fall season, the reason being that now students are well into the school year and educators expect much more from their students. If students know what concepts and topics they will be covering come January, getting a head start on reading and assignments will go a long way in reducing your workload in the New Year.

Work With a Tutor
If students are struggling or if they simply need to become reengaged with subject material, having a tutor work with them is a great way to ensure the student’s academic success going forward. When school is in session, schedules can become very busy between classes, sports, clubs, and social events. But during the holidays when more free time may become available, introducing a tutor into a student’s lifestyle will encourage constant progress towards higher grades. Once a positive relationship has been established between the student and their tutor, scheduling a tutor once school is back in session should not be a problem at all.

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