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Managing Your Morning Schedule

Managing Your Morning Schedule

Managing Your Morning Schedule 150 150 SchoolTutoring.Staff

Mornings can be a very hectic time of day for families. Getting your children to school on time can be a challenge especially if they are fighting for the bathroom or finishing up homework at the breakfast table. Teacher’s appreciate having students ready to go in the morning so it is important to make sure they get to school on time and are ready to learn.

Establish a Schedule

The most important part of your morning schedule doesn’t actually take place in the morning; it is important to schedule bedtimes to ensure an adequate night’s sleep. Establish a time that homework needs to be done by and a lights out. This will ensure your children are ready to rise and shine. To plan your morning schedule, plan backwards from the time you have to leave the house. This can be done as a family to ensure your children are on board with all of the decisions.
Incorporate times for breakfast, bathroom and showering. Having easily visible clocks throughout the house will make sticking to the schedule much easier. Make sure to take into account the time it will take to put on outerwear, especially in the winter.


Make sure everything is ready to go in the morning. Have specific places for backpacks and outdoor gear. Having specific bins and coat hooks for each child is a great way to keep things organized. Make sure everything is in it’s place the night before. This includes making sure homework is already done and is not getting done at the breakfast table. Limiting clothing choices is another great way to cut down on time. Having your children plan that part of their morning the
night before can be a huge time saver. Creating a breakfast menu or having a few options selected is another great way to save time and ensure your child is eating a healthy breakfast before school. Eating breakfast is a key component to kick start a student’s day, so ensure that there is time in the schedule for a healthy breakfast.

Reward Good Behaviour

Make sure to congratulate your students when they get to school on time. This positive reinforcement will help keep up their behaviour. Set a goal; decide that if they are not late for school for an entire month that you will make time for a special breakfast one morning or a fun outing.