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SAT/ ACT Preparation for 2014-2015

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ACT and SAT test dates are fast approaching and it is vital that students who plan to take either of these tests during the 2014-2015 school year start determining a plan for this test. It is important to know when the test are offered and register for the date that works best for you. Early registration will also provide a timeline as to what type of study schedule the student should be employing in their preparation.

Registration Dates

SAT 2014-2015


Act 2014-2015



What is your next step?

Once you register for your test, you should start preparing right away. In order to give yourself enough time to cover all the required concepts, you should create a schedule to ensure that you have an adequate amount of time and do not feel rushed closer to the test date. Another point to note is that you should refrain from studying for each portion of the tests separately. For example, if you have 90 days left, it is a not a good idea to study math for first 45 days and English for the remaining 45 days. One reason for this is that if you are behind schedule, you will not have enough time to cover the second or third subjects. Another reason is that it is not unusual for students to become easily distracted and unfocused when studying for one subject.

Studies have shown that studying multiple different subjects at the same time improve retention rather than studying for similar subjects at the same time. This is because when we are studying similar subjects, it can become very easy for the student to forget which concepts belong to what subject. Studying one subject in the morning and another in the evening or even alternating days is a better idea.

Prior to the test day

It is vital that you finish studying for your exam a few days beforehand. Ideally, all preparation should be completed one week before the test date. This will allow for any delays in your schedule and provide a few days to review your study notes and practice a few more sample tests. The night before your test, you should ensure the following:

  • Check the address of your exam center and give yourself more than enough time to get there;
  • Pack your pencil case and ensure that you have all of the essentials to write the exam: pencil, eraser, sharpener, calculator, etc.;
  • Keep your admission ticket and photo ID in your pencil case so that you do not forget them;
  • Take a water bottle and snack if you need it;
  • Give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep the night before to ensure that you are well rested on the day of the test.

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