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Seeking Assistance in School

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Students are often under the misconception that asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is common because many students think that this act will de-legitimize their grade. Often, the result is that the student will fall behind in their studies and fail. Do not fall for this misconception!

Learning is an ambiguous process whose sole goal is knowledge. As long as that knowledge is optimized, the path taken is not important. Hence, the student who seeks help to fully understand the material is just as legitimate as the student who does not. Here are a couple pointers regarding common and ideal sources of aid that the student can seek.

The Teacher

Whether the student is in a class of 500 students or a class of 20, the instructor is there to help! Do not be afraid of this source of aid because usually the teacher welcomes questions and concerns. The act of seeking extra assistance from a teacher will demonstrate to them that the student actually cares and thinks about the material outside of class. Hence, the teacher yearns for those questions; ask them!

The Teaching Assistants (TAs) – Experienced Pros

The teaching assistants’ responsibilities lie within the domain of aiding the teachers. Evidently, with a class of 200 students, the teacher will not be able to answer all of these questions because the overwhelming number of them. This is where the TA comes in- to relieve the teacher of their overwhelming responsibilities.

Generally, the teaching assistants have aced the course they are assisting in and so they are a very powerful source of aid. TAs also have the advantage of knowing what the teachers tend to focus on during the class and on exams.

Personal Tutors for Individual Attention

There is nothing more effective than personalized one on one instruction. Tutoring is ideal because instead of having a generalized lecture for 200 students, there will be an open dialogue between the student and tutor where questions and concerns are answered first.

Not only this, but the best tutors will specially design their sessions such that they fully complement the strong points of the student. Evidently, a tutor will allow for a more hand crafted education versus the traditional mass-produced form of education.

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