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Staying Sharp Over the Summer

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The summer is almost upon us, and school will soon be out! The time for studying and classes is replaced by vacations and relaxation. In between the tanning, beaches, travel and summer camp, it is easy to let everything students have learned over the past year be put aside to rot away in the dustiest corner of their minds. While it is important for students to spend some time relaxing and recharging over the summer, it is essential not to let their minds go dormant – it will only make it more difficult to face the new school year.

Here are a few tips that will keep every student’s mind sharp over the summer:

Stay Active

The first step to keeping students’ brains active is keeping students physically active. Rather than spend the summer watching TV and playing video games, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm weather. The worst thing for a student to do is vegetate on the couch all summer. Get involved with a sport, go swimming, or get out and ride a bike. Staying active over the summer will help prevent sluggishness in September when school begins again.

Pick Up Some Summer Reading

Reading is a great way for students to keep their minds active over the summer. Asking a teacher for a summer reading list is a good place to start. Make a trip to the library to stock up on books, or pick something off the best seller’s shelf. Whether traveling on a long car ride, lounging around at the cottage, lying on the beach, or just hanging around at home, picking up a good book is an easy and fun way to keep a student’s mind lively and bright over the summer months.

Work With a Tutor

The summer is the perfect time for students to catch up on material from past classes, solidify their understanding, work to improve grades, and get a head start on the coming year. A tutor is a great way to encourage students to keep the past year’s information fresh and ensure academic success in the coming year. Spending just a few hours each week working with a tutor will allow students not only to preserve what they learned in the past year, it will develop their understanding and build a foundation for the coming year. Students will be ready to start the new school year engaged and focused.

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