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Taking College Courses in High School

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If you’re planning on going to college after graduating high school, you may want to consider getting started early. Many schools allow students to take advanced placement courses for college credits. While these classes will certainly be more challenging, and possibly more time-consuming, than your regular classes, there are also some benefits to taking them.

  • Strengthen your resume. College admissions officers will look very closely at your academic record when they review your application. Taking college courses in high school shows that you challenge yourself and take your academics seriously. Succeeding in a college-level course shows that you are academically prepared for college. In addition, if you take a course that relates to your intended major, it shows you are serious about that as well.
  • Save time and money. Taking classes in high school – before you arrive at college – can save you both time and money. Taking classes ahead of time means you’ll have some required courses out of the way and can possibly graduate early. These advanced courses are also usually offered to high school students at cheaper rates than standard tuition, so you’ll also be saving money. However, another route you could take is to complete some advanced courses in high school, and then use the extra time in college to take more electives or maybe even earn a minor in a second subject.
  • Develop college-level skills. Taking advanced courses in high school will most likely be a challenge for you, but this is a good thing. High school and college differ in many ways – even ways you may not expect. Classes are structured differently and study is much more independent than in high school. More is expected of you. Taking these classes in high school will help you develop vital skills for college and allow you to arrive on campus a few steps ahead.

Taking college courses in high school will definitely be a new and challenging experience for you. However, there are several benefits to choosing advanced courses. Once you have decided to take some advanced classes, schedule a meeting with your advisor or guidance counselor so they can help you plan and prepare.

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