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Taking Effective Notes

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Having taken good notes could make all the difference when it comes to studying for an upcoming test. This does not only include taking notes in class, this also includes taking notes from a required textbook. If you are characterized to be a read/write learner, the skill of effective note taking will benefit you even greater. However this skill can help all learners.

One very effective technique when taking notes is to paraphrase. This strategy applies to taking notes in class and from the textbook. In class your instructor will not necessarily be speaking slowly and it will be hard to keep up with everything he says. Use your own words when taking notes; you will be able to summarize what your instructor is saying. Besides, it is much easier for you later to understand something that is in your own words rather than another person’s. This is also true when reading a required text.

Often required texts are dry and formal. It will be much more difficult to later relate the notes you have taken if you are re-reading the dry, technical words taken directly from the text. However if you are reading something you previously paraphrased you will be able to understand this better.

Another important part in taking effective notes is simply paying attention. In class or while reading a textbook, you may find it easy to get distracted. Try your best to avoid this. The more distracted you are the less attention you will give to your instructor or text and this leads to you missing potentially key details. Thus it will be hard for your notes to be accurate and complete.

It is, however, also possible to take too many notes. Avoid writing down everything as this will lead to more work later on. The more information you write down, the more you will have to sift through and learn in preparation for a test. Try your best to write only information that is important. It can be difficult at times to decipher what is necessary, and what is extra information. However, if you are able to do this, it will save you loads of time when studying.
You cannot always remember everything that was said in class, which is why effective note taking is important. Being able to take effective notes will help you in the long run when preparing for a test.

This article was written for you by Grace one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy

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