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The Importance of Childhood Education [infographic]

The Importance of Childhood Education [infographic]

The Importance of Childhood Education [infographic] 150 150 Emma Taylor

While there can be no denying the heavy importance of early education for a child, this education infographic delves much deeper by looking at how future success in life can often be predetermined by the quality of early education.

It also explores the often overlooked importance the role the parent plays, especially the Mother. How important is it for Moms to stay at home with their children during early learning? What steps can working Moms take to secure the best educational foundation for their child? All these topics are researched presented in the infographic. The last segment compares the different education paths taken by countries from around the world. From birth to age 7, we look at the different educational institutions that counties from Canada to Germany to Italy to the United States use to start their children’s education.

If you have any comments or thoughts on the information included in this infographic or education in general, please use our comment section below. You can also see our previous infographic discussing the cost of rising education.

The Importance of Childhood Education Infographic

Care to add your thoughts on the importance of early education or the role of the working mom in a child’s education? Add a comment below.