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The Importance of the Arts in the Classroom

The Importance of the Arts in the Classroom

The Importance of the Arts in the Classroom 150 150 admin

Too often in today’s schools, an emphasis is placed on subjects like Mathematics, Language Arts, and Science.  Although these topics certainly have their place in the curriculum, subjects like visual arts and music have found their way onto the back-burner of education.  However, the importance of the Arts in the classroom have been proven to be highly beneficial for students and studies have shown that increased exposure to the Arts can result in higher grades and more successful graduates.  Some of the benefits of the Arts in the classroom include:

Developing Higher Thinking Skills

Introducing hands-on and creative activities in the classroom encourage students to explore their imagination and examine their inner self.  Having students immerse themselves in the Arts also allows them to learn about their surroundings along with introducing them to different cultures and backgrounds.

Building Self-Esteem

Being active in the Arts allows students to express themselves, free of concern from right or wrong.  Providing kids with the opportunity to create their own works of arts can develop a strong sense of pride, independence, and confidence.

Accessing Multiple Intelligences

Intelligence is not a single entity; rather, it is comprised of a number of different abilities.  Ensuring students spend an adequate amount within the Arts will hone traits such as abstract thought, communication, creativity, and even problem solving skills.

Challenging All Students

In subjects like Math or English, many of the concepts come naturally to students due to innate ability or past exposure to the subject topics.  However, delivering the Arts requires highly qualified teachers who are able to challenge each and every student because students are not only asked to perform or create works of art, they are also required to reflect and respond on the works of art they view.

Achieving Success in Other Subjects

Numerous research studies have proven that their is a strong correlation between immersing students in the Arts and using the cognitive skills developed to help students learn fundamental concepts in core areas such as  mathematics, reading, and writing at a quicker rate and much more effectively.

The key to any curriculum is finding the right balance between subjects.  Educators and administrators alike need to ensure that classrooms find time for the Arts so students have an opportunity to explore their creative sides, which would also benefit them towards other subjects in school as well make a positive impact on their lives outside of school.