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Tips on Time Management

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An important skill for any student or professional is time management.  Planning ahead and allotting time for certain activities prevent a last-minute scramble before a deadline. As the year progresses, students take on more responsibility with assignments, tests, exams and extra-curriculars. As such, it is vital that students start time managing their days as early as possible. Here are some tips for staying on top of things:

  • Maintain a Schedule – Having consistency in your day will provide structure and make planning your day much easier. Allocate a certain number of your after-school hours beforehand to studying or reviewing. Set a specific wake-up time and bed to ensure sufficient sleep each night.
  • Keep an Agenda – Make notes of your daily activities both outside and inside school. Keep track of upcoming homework, assignments and study times. Updating and checking your agenda will act as a reminder for upcoming work and activities.
  • Use a Calendar – Set academic goals on a calendar to provide a clear visual of time limits. Adding notes for upcoming tests, exams and assignments will allow you to appropriately plan study time in advance.
  • Make a Study Schedule – If you know the dates of important tests and assignments, note them on a calendar or in an agenda. Plan a study schedule to prevent cramming and panic the days before a test. Spreading out your studying over several days rather than the last hours will help you absorb the information more easily. It will also ensure that you have time to ask your teacher any last-minute questions.
  • Use Sticky Notes – As an extra reminder, sticky notes can be added anywhere and at any time of the day. If you have something important to remember for the next day, write a sticky note before going to bed and place it in the middle of your morning routine.  It’s difficult to forget when a note is place on your toothbrush!

Development of time management skills will be beneficial for your future in any career path. It is never too late to start organizing your days for classes and extracurricular activities. Work on managing and planning for short term goals, and work your way up to long term goals. In no time, you will have developed time management skills!

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