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Tips to Beat Final Exam Stress

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Do you feel like in the battle between you and your exams, you are losing? Is the stress simply overwhelming you?
Here are a few tips to beat the stress:

Stress is contagious.

The stress felt by the people around you will only add to your own stress levels. Resist the temptation to study with friends who are stressing out about the same exam for which you are preparing. Spend time with family and friends in a stress free environment.

Exercise daily and eat healthy.

It is an easy one to forget about, but try not to. Avoid the sugar packed treats and stick to snacks like fruits and veggies, granola bars, and healthy cereals. Also, get some form of exercise. Even if it is simply a 10 minute walk, you will return to studying in a calmer state.

Take short breaks.

For every hour which you spend studying, take one 10 minute break. Let yourself do something 100% unrelated to your work (blast some music and dance around, watch T.V., check Facebook, chat with a friend, etc.), then after that 10 minutes begin working again.

Be confident in your knowledge.

Once you get to that test, be confident. You have prepared as much as you could, and now it is time to put all your knowledge to use.

Visualize the exam going well.

Picture yourself writing the exam. You start the first question and realize, “Wow that was easy”. Then you move to the next question and once again it goes great. Question after question, before you know it your exam is done. Imagine getting your test paper back and there is an A written at the top.

This article was written for you by Mia, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.

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