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Types of Learners

Types of Learners

Types of Learners 960 640 Teaching Staff

When it comes to learning, different people have different learning methods that work best for them. There are four main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. There is often overlap between these methods, but many people tend to lean towards a certain style that works best for them. It’s also possible to have a mix of learning styles, and in that case, it’s important to combine together the study strategies that work best for you.

Here’s a list of the different types of learners and some study strategies that might help them.


Visual learners learn best with the assistance of visuals relating to or conveying the information. A useful strategy for these types of learners is using charts and graphs as well as drawing pictures. Visual learners might understand information better if it’s presented in patterns, graphs and shapes, or using a graphic organizer such as a flow chart.

If you’re a visual learner, it may help to color code your notes using colored pens and highlighters. That way your notes look pretty, and you can also add pops of color to make important information stand out. Reorganizing dense paragraphs of information into graphic organizers can also help visual learners better understand key ideas.


Auditory learners learn best when they hear information rather than just see or read it. Simply reading information may not be enough for these types of learners, and instead reading out loud or verbally explaining to someone else can help auditory learners take in information. Other strategies for auditory learners include discussing things in a group, or teaching to someone while studying.

Auditory learners may do well listening to podcasts or video recordings of lessons. If it helps, they can also make their own recording and listen to it while on the go.


These types of learners do best when reading information and then writing it down. People with a reading/writing style of learning like taking notes while listening to information and then rewriting these notes while studying. Reading/Writing Learners like being able to copy things down rather than just listening. It’s the pen to paper action that helps these types of learners thrive and absorb information. Reading/ Writing learners should make sure to use their read their textbooks and make notes to supplement their lessons in class.


Kinesthetic learners do best when doing hands-on activities. Someone might be a kinesthetic learner if they like being able to touch and feel things to learn. These people may also not be able to sit still in class for long periods of time. Kinesthetic learners should embrace their love of movement to help them learn. Strategies for kinesthetic learners include doing physical activity while studying, making skits to help remember key pieces of information, and breaking down study sessions into blocks with short breaks in between. Kinesthetic learners should try turning their lessons into games. Utilizing flash cards can be a fun way to help absorb information.

Effective studying doesn’t have to mean spending more time on studying. Instead, consider tailoring the way you study to the type of learning style you have. No matter what style of learning best suits you, there are always methods for make your studying the most effective it can be.

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