What Can you Bring to the SAT on Test Day?

What Can you Bring to the SAT on Test Day?

What Can you Bring to the SAT on Test Day? 150 150 Emma Taylor

Today’s students have a world of items they deem necessary to have at all times.  But many of those simply aren’t acceptable when taking the SAT.

Here’s what the student should bring the day of the test:

  • Admission ticket
  • A valid photo ID.  Look here if you have any questions about acceptable identification.
  • No. 2 pencils with erasers (no ink pens)
  • A calculator that meets the guidelines (not a cell phone or laptop)
  • A watch
  • Drinks or snacks (for the break, you can’t consume them during the test)

Check out the SAT Test Day Tips.

What the student can’t bring:

  • Pens or highlighters
  • Extra (scratch) paper
  • Cell phones
  • iPod
  • Camera
  • Any timer that has an audible alarm

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