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Whether your child decides to take the SAT, the ACT, or both, he or she is making a big commitment. Although your child’s entire academic career has influence on what he or she will choose to do after high school, the SATs and ACTs can play a large role in determining your child’s future. Here are some ways you can help your child prepare for these tests.

  • Plan. Long before your child is scheduled to take either test, take some time to plan with him or her how the test will happen and what he or she needs to know ahead of time. This planning should cover everything from what the test will look like, to where it will be held, how much time will be given, etc. Go over all the details with your child and make sure they understand fully.
  • Expect to take the test more than once. Remember that these tests can be taken multiple times. In fact, most students will prefer to take the tests more than once, since they will have the advantage of experience their second time around. Use the time in between tests to talk to your child about how they performed, what they were surprised by, how they can better prepare for the next test, and so on.
  • Help your child study. You may have learned to take a passive role at this point in your child’s academic career, in terms of homework help. After all, students become much more independent the older they get. However, quizzing your child on SAT vocabulary words or discussing an SAT question of the day with them each day can go a long way in helping them prepare for the tests.
  • Stay calm and focused. One of the most helpful things you can do for your child during test prep time is to help them remain calm and focused. Many children will start to feel nervous or anxious about the test, and keeping a calm demeanor toward the test will help your child remain calm as well. Also make sure your child is getting enough sleep, nutrition and exercise as this will help them stay focused on their studies.

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