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What is an acceptable SAT score?

What is an acceptable SAT score?

What is an acceptable SAT score? 150 150 Teaching Staff

Every year, high school students are required to write the SAT tests in order to help colleges across the United States determine whether or not a student will be successful in their undergraduate program. This puts a lot of pressure on students, especially in cases where it is difficult to determine whether or not a student will receive admission on their SAT score out of a total of 2400. Thus, the question replays in the minds of both parents and students alike: “What is an acceptable SAT score?”

How is the SAT Test Scored?

The SAT test is a standardized test that students write every year. It is graded out of a total of 2400 and is marked such that every correct answer will achieve a student 1 point while an incorrect answer will subtract a quarter point from their score. Unanswered questions will remain as 0 points. After the student has written the exam, a standardization process is done.

The “Average” SAT Score

The average recorded SAT score is 1500 out of 2400; however, if students receive an average score on their SAT test, their choices for colleges will be very limited. A score of about 1800 out of 2400 is a more acceptable score as it is higher than average and will allow students a higher advantage when applying to colleges. In order to be acceptable to the sought after “IVY League” Schools, students must have an average score of at least 2200 out of 2400.

It should also be noted that while colleges are looking for applicants with high SAT scores, acceptance into the ideal college does not just stop there. Students need to be well-rounded: better than average high school grades, a good SAT score (of about 1800 or higher), and lots of extracurricular activities.  All of these points together make applicants more appealing to any college they apply to.

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