Why is Reading Important?

Why is Reading Important?

Why is Reading Important? 150 150 SchoolTutoring.Staff

One of the first things taught in school is how to read. Reading is something adults do daily and think very little of it. This skill is as natural as breathing to those with experience, but what many seasoned readers forget is that for those who are just beginning, reading can be very challenging. This brings us to a question that pops into mind from time to time: Why is reading important? This may seem like a silly question, but regardless of it’s supposed trivial nature, it is a question with many answers that may surprise and aid in the appreciation of this acquired skill.

1. Reading is a Fundamental Skill

in today’s society. Without the ability to read, a person would not be able to follow written instructions such as what are found on medicine and cleaning product containers. Filling out applications would be impossible as well as reading road signs, warning signs, and following a map or directions. Imagine going through your entire day without reading anything. Many day-to-day activities that many take for granted would become incredibly frustrating.

2. Reading can effect Job Performance

Not only is reading fundamental to function in today’s society on a day-to-day level, but is also vital for finding a good job. Almost all well paying jobs evaluate reading skills as a part of job performance. In an office, for example, there are memos, reports, and other varies forms of literary communication between employees and employers that need to be well understood in order to properly react. Poor reading skills lead to more time spent on reading and comprehending what was read and less time on actual work.

3. Reading Develops the Mmind.

The brain is a muscle, and as with all muscles, they require exercise in order to work efficiently. Reading is especially helpful in building language skills in young children. This includes developing listening skills which are extremely helpful during social interaction by helping children focus on what someone else is communicating.

4. It Helps us Discover New Things.

Magazines, newspapers, and even the internet are great places to learn about new things or further your knowledge of a known or forgotten subject. A skilled reader will be able to use these resources to teach themselves about topics that interest them as opposed to relying on someone presenting the information orally and explaining what everything means.

5. Reading Also Develops the Imagination.

Activities such as watching television and playing video games are fine once and a while, but they are non-thinking activities. When reading, the reader can be transported anywhere with the use of their imagination. This is a great way for kids to figure out things they would like to do, places they’d like to visit, or even people they would like to meet. The only limit when reading is the limits of the readers imagination!

Although I only outlined five ways by which reading is important, there are many other important reasons such as improved spelling, self expression, and just general understanding of what is going on around the reader. No matter which way you look at it, reading is very important and it is something people should do on a regular basis in order to improve the quality of their life.

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This article was written for you by Troy, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.