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Educational Posters for PreSchool and Kindergarten Classrooms

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click this image to help fund our educational poster project at Kickstarter.com

SchoolTutoring Academy has launched a campaign to provide posters to pre-school and kindergarten teachers for decorating their classrooms. The project will promote literacy in young students and support teachers by supplying them with educational materials.

The goal of this project is to interest Pre-school & Kindergarten students in learning with a series of three posters. Through the use of bright colors and engaging visuals, the posters seek to give young learners interesting art on the walls of their classrooms.

Educational Poster Project Launched on Kickstarter by SchoolTutoring Academy Preschool- and Kindergarten-classroom Poster Focus on Numbers, Letters and Shapes to Engage Young Learners

The project is available on Kickstarter, a website devoted to funding creative projects through crowd financing. There visitors can pledge as little as a dollar to help the project reach its full goal of $775 by Friday, August 23, 2013. The posters feature shapes, numbers, and letters and are meant to work as a set but can be hung by themselves. With differing funding amounts one, two or all three posters may be printed and shipped, either to the person pledging the funds or to a school of their choosing. The fully funded project will support the first print run of the posters plus shipping costs to the recipient schools or people.

The educational poster project was selected by SchoolTutoring Academy from several ideas their creative team brainstormed. It won out because of the importance of early childhood education and the need for appropriate decorations as teachers get their classrooms set up for the new school year.

Here is the set of the three educational posters available.

Alphabites – Alphabet Recognition Poster


Shapes – Shape Recognition Poster


i count – Number Recognition Poster


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