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What is a Study Group and Should You Start One?

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One of the essential factors to academic success is certainly good study habits. But sometimes good note-taking skills, study schedules and other habits may just not be enough. Sometimes the best thing you can do to help yourself study more effectively is to team up. Forming a study group with other students can have many positive affects on your academic career.

  • What is a study group? A study group is any group of students who come together and work as a team to learn material in an effective way. Study groups can be formed for specific subjects, or you may form a group with a variety of people for a variety of subjects. You can form a study group with a few classmates from your Spanish class, or you can form a group with some friends and cover everything from math to history and science.
  • Why form a study group? Plenty of students are perfectly capable of studying and learning material on their own. However, there can still be benefits to being part of a study group. Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. By forming a group, you can help others in their weak areas and they may be able to help you as well.
  • What are the benefits of a study group? Study groups can have endless benefits for students. Just some of these include gaining new perspectives on the material and learning it in new ways, learning to collaborate with other students, improving your listening and communication skills, learning new study methods, having more fun while studying, covering more material than you would be able to on your own, receiving encouragement from your group and being held accountable when you need to be, and much more.
  • What makes a study group successful? Forming a study group requires more than just the desire to meet up and spend time with other students. Without holding each other accountable, the group can easily turn from focusing on study time to leisure time. In order to avoid this set simple ground rules and do your best to follow them. Create a schedule of when you will meet and what topics you will cover. Set goals for the group and for individual members to work towards. Keep communication open with the members of your group. Remind each other of their goals or upcoming tasks.

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