The Hidden Benefits of Vocabulary Practise

The Hidden Benefits of Vocabulary Practise

The Hidden Benefits of Vocabulary Practise 150 150 SchoolTutoring.Staff

No matter what we are studying, the biggest secret to success is vocabulary practise. Whether it be English or organic chemistry, it is essential to practise vocabulary for every subject.

Old habits die hard. Most often, students will learn new vocabulary when they are reading a chapter. However, after you turn a page, you are no longer comfortable using that word, and you run the risk of misinterpreting upcoming concepts that mention it. When students finish reading a page and have lost their grasp on the material, it is mostly due to terms within the page which they do not understand, and may not be aware of that fact.

To better absorb the material when reading textbooks or assigned readings, it is beneficial to understand all the vocabulary words before you start. All you need to do is make a list, search for the definitions, and then make them usable. When dictionary definitions are too difficult to understand, ask a friend who took the class before or a teacher to help you put the definitions into understandable terms.

A list of difficult vocabulary words can also help a student study for tests, midterms, or finals. They can be written on flashcards so that a student can pull them out while travelling to and from school for quick review. Although this will add to a student’s workload, students will better understand difficult textbook material and be able to read chapters much quicker. Being able to grasp the concepts as presented on paper will also help the students stay focused on the task.

This way, students are more likely to retain what they have read and less likely to allow themselves to become distracted due to their new, stronger vocabulary!

This article was written for you by Natalle, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.