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Staying Focused During the Holidays

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The holidays can be a busy and distracting time for everyone, including students. With so much going on, including preparing, traveling, spending time with friends and family, etc. it may be easy to overlook your studies during this time. However, if you have homework or projects to be working on, it is important that you find a way to balance your school work and your celebrations during this time.

Make a to-do list everyday

To-do lists are extremely helpful tools to keep track of the tasks you need to accomplish. However, when you make a to-do list for a long period of time – say, for example, you make a to-do list with everything you need to get done in the next week – it’s easier to put off tasks because you may feel like you have plenty of time later to accomplish these things. By making a to-do list every morning, you will be forcing yourself to choose priorities for the day and focus on specific tasks that need to get done.

Plan to study

During the holidays, you’ll likely be busy and you may just tell yourself that you’ll find time to study whenever there is a lull. However, if you don’t set aside or schedule specific time to dedicate to your schoolwork, you will be more likely to put it off if something comes up. Choose certain times or days and make studying your priority during these times.

Say “no” when you need to

Obviously you should enjoy the holidays and celebrate an relax as much as you can. But remember, it’s okay to say no when you need to. If you know you need to spend some time working on an assignment with an upcoming deadline, don’t feel bad about turning down a friend or other obligation. Making school and your work a priority is okay. The key is finding a healthy balance between studying and enjoying your time off.

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