Tips to consider before making the leap from high school to university

Tips to consider before making the leap from high school to university

Tips to consider before making the leap from high school to university 150 150 Teaching Staff

Going to university/ college is one of the most exciting things that a student can do, but it can also be one of the most daunting challenges that you face if you aren’t properly prepared. The average university student will face a wide variety of challenges such as making the grade, making ends meet and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The approach to maintaining a balanced lifestyle can vary from person to person, but here are some good tips to keep in mind as you go through university.

Study/ Work Habits

Use podcasts appropriately:

With the increasing prevalence of technology on campuses, many professors have taken to posting podcasts of their lectures for the students to access. Learning off of podcasts can be tricky because it is quite easy to neglect the podcasts and then you end up having to cram a whole month’s material in a few days before your midterms/exams.

Do assigned readings prior to lectures:

Do the assigned readings before going to the lectures as you will get more out of the lectures if you already have an idea of what is going on and you can ask more comprehensive questions to clarify any problems.

Keep a calendar

Keep a calendaror something to keep organized as the assignments will start piling on quickly and you will soon be overwhelmed.

Get to know your profs:

Go talk to your profs during office hours, it may seem daunting, but they’re the ones who are setting the standards and they’re there to help you better understand the material. This is a rarely used resource, and building a rapport with your professors can pay dividends later on down the road.

Take breaks:

Don’t be afraid to breaks from studying every now and then, your brain isn’t a machine and overloading it isn’t the solution.



Sleep is your friend, pulling all-nighters to cram before your finals or midterms won’t help you retain information at all. You would be better served by just going to bed.

Stay Involved:

Get involved in a club or do some volunteering, you’ll meet like-minded people that will help the transition go smoother. You won’t meet people unless you put yourself out there.

Eat Healthy:

A proper diet does not consist of Mr. Noodles and KD. If you want to succeed then you need to take care of yourself otherwise your body will break down.

Know what you want:

If you aren’t happy with your program, don’t be afraid to change into something else. Doing something that you do not enjoy will only make you miserable in the long run and this will also be reflected in the marks that you get in that class.


Text books:

Try to buy your books either used or try to buy previous versions of the textbook if the content covered in it is very similar to the newest edition. I would ask your professor before buying an earlier addition as they know what will be covered in the course.


If bus fare isn’t covered in your tuition, you can try to walk or bike to school to avoid paying for bus fare.

Scholarships/ Bursaries:

Apply to as many scholarships/bursaries as you can, people often do not apply because they don’t think that they’ll get it, but you never know unless you try.


You can try to check with grocery stores in the area to see if they offer discounts to university students on certain days.

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