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Creating a College/ University Schedule: What to Consider

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One of the best parts about heading to college or university is the change in your academic hours.  As a high school student, you most likely had a set schedule from 8 to 2 or 9 till 3 or so every day.  Post-secondary school gives you the flexibility and option to plan your school schedule around other aspects of your life. Because it this, it is crucial that students maintain a consistent schedule that works the best for them. Here are a few things to consider when planning your college/ university schedule:

1. When are you most productive?

Are you full of energy and motivation as soon as you jump out of bed, or are you a night owl who would rather be taking evening classes?  If you like to sleep in, be sure to schedule classes later in the day so you aren’t running out the door every morning and if you can’t keep your eyes open past lunch, get all your learning done in the morning.

2. Do not book yourself solid

Try not to have more than three or four hours of classes scheduled in at a time because as the day goes on it will become harder to focus and therefore you will be missing out on valuable information. Remember to make sure you have time in between classes for meals or snacks; it can be hard to concentrate when your stomach is growling.

3. Check class locations

Unlike in high school, your classes will be located in different buildings spread all across campus. You will generally have 10 minutes after each class to get to the next one so the closer they are in distance the less walking you will have to do. This is especially important to remember if you go to school somewhere where it snows!

4. Check professor ratings

The professor you have teaching a class may just be the difference between you loving the class or hating it. Therefore, it is a great idea to check the professor ratings or rankings online from students who have previously taken their classes.

5. Choose classes you like!

You may have certain courses you are required to take, but if you have an elective or the chance to take something that really interests you, don’t be afraid to take it.

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