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One Surprising Element of Success: Proper Sleep

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Leaving home for university or college can be a very exciting time in your life. There are new people to meet, new places to see, and new things to learn. In all this excitement, you may easily forget one of the most important elements for success: sleep.

A Lack of Sleep Increases Stress

You may think that pulling an all-nighter will help you on that test tomorrow, but using your night time hours to do work will only make it more difficult. Not getting enough sleep can put excessive strain on your body, making it more difficult to concentrate.  The added stress from being too tired can make you feel more nervous during an exam or test. A lack of sleep also affects your memory and reaction time.  You will find it more difficult to learn and absorb new concepts and recall information you have already learned.

Recharge your Brain

Think of your brain as a battery. It can only do so much before it needs to take a break and recharge.  Sleep is the repair mechanism for your body. When you go to sleep your body works on repairing your major organs, such as your heart, your lungs and your brain.  A regular recharge is essential for maintaining strong, functioning brain cells.

Make a Routine

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is very important. Young adults should get between eight and nine hours of sleep a night. Make sure to go to bed at a consistent time every night. Instead of hitting the snooze button of your alarm clock every morning, get up right away. Allowing yourself to fall asleep again can actually make you feel even more tired than if you had just gotten out of bed when you first awoke. This is especially true if you have re-fallen into a deep sleep.  Also, avoid eating right before bed. You will have a more restful night if your body isn’t working on digesting that midnight BLT sandwich.

Take a Power Nap

Between studies, work, extra-curricular activities and friends, you may find it hard to settle down for a solid eight hours of sleep. Try taking a short five to ten minute nap in between classes. You will wake up feeling refreshed as if you had slept for much longer. Taking a power nap will re-boost your energy and increase your productivity. Suddenly, you will find it easier to tackle that tough assignment or ace that test!

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