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Finding Your Own Private Space to Study

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For a student, finding the time to buckle down and study is easier said than done. If a student thinks too much about studying sometimes they can get overwhelmed and put it off for later. So how can studying go from a dreaded task to one that can be easily tackled? The answer is as simple as four walls and a clock!

Whether it be the kitchen, dining room, or even their bedroom, a student having their own studying space is important. Why? Well, when a person has an area that they associate with a particular task they become more apt to do it when in that area. So if a student often does their homework in the kitchen, simply going to the kitchen can motivate them to study. Just be sure that the study space a student chooses is relatively free from distractions, such as the television.

The motivation to study that comes from simply being in a familiar room can be strengthened when paired with a set study time. Always doing your practice questions in the kitchen is great, but when you always do them at 4 o’clock in the afternoon as well, you start creating a schedule for yourself. With a specific study routine, good study habits are bound to emerge!

These habits apply to parents as well, it is very important for everyone to have their own work space where they can be free of distractions. It doesn’t need to be a personal office, or a locked room where there is no access to you, but an area you can be comfortable, relaxed and capable of concentrating.

Once you have found a place to work, take some time to optimize it. Make sure you have proper lighting to avoid eye strain. Ensure you can be sitting in an ergonomically correct fashion.


This article was written for you by Jennifer, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy

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