How Important is a Minor in College?

How Important is a Minor in College?

How Important is a Minor in College? 150 150 Teaching Staff

Whether you’re going into university knowing exactly what you want to do for a career or you’re going into university still filled with confusion, it is important to consider a minor.

University is much different than secondary school in a lot of ways. One of them being that your university program will be much more specialized than your high school career: you will now have full control over what courses you take.

Why consider a minor?

Post-secondary institutions, more than anything else, give you freedom. Throughout university career a student may find freedom to be a double-edged sword. Don’t get me wrong, moving from a structured 8am – 4pm schedule to a moving and flexible schedule may a breath of fresh air, but you will miss the structure and consistency that high school life had given you.

What society seems to forget that by the time we get to university is students are just on the verge of adulthood. Being asked to make an informed decision regarding the direction of their entire life can appear unreasonable. As much as students crave freedom, a majority of students do not have the necessary tools to tackle their entire future. It’s considered very rare nowadays to continue on the same path that you start in post-secondary school. This is where having a minor comes in handy. A minor opens up your world and allows you to touch on many different fields. There is no way in knowing if something is or is not for you until you try it and having a minor allows for a wider range of education.

How to determine your minor

Take a couple courses as your electives; the courses that really peak your interest, or just sound downright ridiculous. Many universities offer a wide range of subjects from astronomy to persuasive writing to differentials and many, many more. If you’re already in your dream program, try out a course that sounds the most interesting to you. You never know where your true passions might lie. Universities offer a wide variety of courses and it’s a great time to really expand your knowledge and broaden your view. For most programs, there will be enough electives available to focus them all into a minor.

From a career perspective

As you move on from your secondary school career to a more independent lifestyle as a college or university student, it’s important to make the decisions that impact your life, farther than “What am I having for lunch?” Find yourself in things outside of your primary stream of education and make yourself more marketable to any employer by exploring and expanding yourself as much as you can.

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