The Importance of Choosing the Right Friends

The Importance of Choosing the Right Friends

The Importance of Choosing the Right Friends Teaching Staff

The idea of consciously picking and choosing your friends – rather than just letting it happen naturally – can seem callous. But when you think about it, your friends are a very important part of your life and can make a huge difference in the decisions you make and who you become. Who you spend your time with in high school will certainly affect how you experience and handle high school.

  • Support

High school can be a trying and scary time. You’re experiencing growing into an adult, while also handling a lot more responsibility and higher expectations. Choosing friends who can serve as a strong support system is crucial. Not only will you want to spend time with your friends during good times, but when you need some support, it’s important and extremely helpful to have some reliable and supportive friends to turn to.

  • Stress relief

Your friends can be a huge stress reliever while you’re in school. It’s important to give yourself time to relax and enjoy yourself, so choosing friends who have the same likes, dislikes and interests as you will be beneficial. You will be much happier and relaxed to share your time with people who have the same interests.

  • Help

Your friends are also someone you can turn to for help. High school can be difficult, academically, for a lot of people. Having a group of friends who are also invested in their academics as much as you will help if you ever find yourself struggling. Organizing a study group with friends can be fun and beneficial.

  • Influence

As much as some people will try to deny it, your friends will have plenty of influence over your decisions and who your become. This is not always a bad thing, but it does prove the point even further that you should be aware of who your friends are and make sure you share some of the same interests, goals and beliefs.

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