The Importance of Critical Thinking

The Importance of Critical Thinking 150 150 Teaching Staff

Critical thinking is very important for students. It enables them to think on their own, and examine their study from a higher level of understanding. Critical thinking is the principle of open-minded, evaluative, and objective thinking. It allows students to understand academic concepts through multiple lenses, from multiple perspectives. This allows students to develop insights, which are not only beneficial for their academic success, but can also be very enlightening on a personal level.

Critically thinking about one’s studies also allows students to engage in their studies on a more personal level, they will see in what ways their academic study relates and does not relate to their real life, their jobs and their search for happiness.

Critical thinking is not something that can be picked up in an instant. Learning to effectively think critically can take a lifetime, and should be practiced on a daily basis. One can begin to think critically in a number of different ways.

One way is to evaluate the positives and negatives of a statement. This evaluation can be based on a number of questions. These questions are up to the individual to determine and perfect, though a few examples can be offered here: what are the implications of the statement? What socioeconomic groups does the statement empower? What socioeconomic groups does the statement disempower? How does the statement fit with one’s philosophy on life? Is the statement logically valid?

The Importance of Critical ThinkingOne can examine the logical principles utilized in the statement, and evaluate the statement for fallacies, such as appeals to emotion, or authority. This critical thinking process will allot one a well-informed perspective on a statement, and allow one to produce a thoughtful response to a statement. It gives one a better understanding of the subject under examination, and ultimately helps one gain knowledge and understanding about their life and the world that they live in.

Imagine now, applying this enlightening analysis to one’s academic study. One is now open to ask questions such as why do we partake in academics? Why are academics important? How do these academics better me as a person? How does one’s academic study fit with one’s philosophy on life?

Answering questions such as these will give students an exploration of academics, and may enhance the meaning of their study. This may engage them more in their study, and help them become more successful students. It also leads students to recognize the faults in the academic system in which they study. They are then able to demand an academic program which supports their life goals, and will ultimately make them happier. They can demand a higher quality of teaching, and can discover higher quality learning experiences.

Critical thinking begins this process of enlightenment, academic success, and life satisfaction. Its daily practice can enhance one’s perception about the meaning of their academic success. To learn more about critical thinking, please visit:

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