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How to Choose a Major in College or University

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Once you choose a major, you are not committed to in permanently. Our major is simply a starting point. The most important thing to remember when deciding on a major is to follow your interests and discover what it is that you love to do.

While you are in the process of deciding on a major, here are some things which you should take into consideration.

Think about which courses you have done well in and what major they have prepared you for.

Consider which subjects you would love to learn more about. Are there any subjects which you are both good at and enjoy doing?

Find an internship, part-time job or volunteer work in your field of interest in order to get a feel for the kinds of jobs you could get with different majors.

Consider the requirements for any potential majors. Find out whether they can be completed in four years or if they require graduate studies. Decide if you like the information which you find.

Explore the different fields to which your major can be applied. Try to find a major that will offer flexibility when you are looking for a job.

Think about the earning potential and base salary of jobs that are related to certain majors. Consider how it is that your lifestyle would need to differ with varying salaries. Would you be happier having a job that you love with little pay or having a job which you can only tolerate but is accompanied by higher pay?

Ultimately, do your best to be flexible. If you find yourself being unhappy with your decision, don’t worry because you will have many opportunities to change your major.

This article was written for you by Mia, one of the tutors with Test Prep Academy.

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