Why Students Should Learn a Second Language

Why Students Should Learn a Second Language

Why Students Should Learn a Second Language Teaching Staff

Learning a second language takes time and dedication, but the rewards and reasons for doing so are numerous.

Future Career Opportunities

In you are interested in a job which involves regular contact with speakers of a foreign language, being able to interact them in their native language will improve your ability to communicate with them. Knowledge of another language may also give you an advantage in finding a new job, getting a promotion or going on foreign business trips.

Meeting New People

If you meet new people who of different ethnic backgrounds and who speak a different language, having knowledge of the language which they speak will help you to communicate with them. It will also give you a better understanding of their culture and their way of thinking.


Many English speakers believe that because English in a well understood language in many countries across the world that learning any foreign languages in not necessary. This is generally true it you only travel to popular tourist resorts and hotels where English speakers are likely to be found. However, if you want to travel beyond these areas, to meet the locals, read street signs, menus, etc, having knowledge of the language will be necessary.

Reviving your Language

If you speak an endangered language, or your parents or grandparents do, learning that language and teaching it to future generation can help to revive the language.

Understanding your own Language Better

At times learning a foreign language can help you to better understand your own language. This is often the case when you are able to recognize and analysis the similarities and differences between the foreign language and your own language.

This article was written for you by Mia, one of the tutors with School Tutoring Academy.