Nervous About Starting at a New School?

Nervous About Starting at a New School?

Nervous About Starting at a New School? Teaching Staff

You have graduated from middle school or elementary school and you are on your way to high school. Now you are wondering: What is high school going to be like? Are the people going to be nice? What if I don’t know anyone in my classes? What if I can’t make new friends?

It is true that you may not know many people when you start at your new school, but you are not alone. Many of your new peers will be in the same situation that you find yourself in. Just remember they want to make new friends just as badly as you do. In the first week of classes, many high schools organize activities meant to help you get to know the other students in your class. Don’t be afraid to participate and start talking to new people.

When you talk to people during that first week of classes, don’t try to hide the fact that you are nervous about starting at your new school. Everyone likes to hear that others feel the same way which the do. Imagine how nice you would feel if someone you were talking to shared that they were as nervous to be at school as you. Talking about common worries can spark new friendship.

Most high schools have move extracurricular activities than middle schools, such as sport teams, music and drama groups, student governments, and clubs. Find a club or team that you are interested in and get involved. Extracurricular activities are another great way to meet new people which share a major interest with you. These clubs and teams are another great way to make some new friends.

This article was written for you by Mia, one of the tutors with Test Prep Academy.