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How to Easy Test Taking Anxiety

How to Easy Test Taking Anxiety

How to Easy Test Taking Anxiety 150 150 Teaching Staff

As test day approaches, students tend to become nervous and anxious. With the prosperity of their future seeming to hinge on their test score, this anxiety is very natural and expected. That being said, too much anxiety and test-related stress can have a negative effect on both the well-being of the student, and their academic performance.

In light of this, the ability to ease this anxiety is essential for student success, and it is important for them to learn how to control it. To ease this unease, students should consider the following points:

  1.    Start Preparing Early

Usually, the source of the student’s unease lies in the thought of being unprepared. Therefore, if the student is able to prepare as early as possible, they can ensure that they cover all the required topics. Moreover, if the student is able to thoroughly familiarize themselves with every topic, this will increase their preparedness, and they can rest easy knowing they have reviewed as much of the material as possible. Having a thorough understanding of the test material can significantly decrease the potency of anxious feelings.

  1.    Relax the Night before the Test

Students often feel like they need to cram in as much information as possible the night before a test. This is not ideal, and generally leads to anxiety because of the pressure to memorize/learn concepts in such a short period of time. If the student has followed step one, this necessity vanishes, as the student would most likely be fully prepared by this time.

In addition, the night before a big test, it is important for the student to relax. Stressing out prior to the test will raise stress hormones and negatively impact the student’s performance the following day. It is quite crucial that the student gets to bed early to ensure optimal awareness on test day.

  1.    Arrive Early

A significant source of anxiety arises when the student worries about tardiness. This stress can be easily avoided as long as the student arrives at the test location with plenty of time to spare. Being punctual on test day has a variety of benefits, such as allowing the student to make sure they have all of the necessary tools they need to complete the test (pens, pencils, calculators etc).

Getting to the classroom early also gives the student the opportunity to settle in and mentally prepare for the exam with no added external pressures (traffic, finding a parking spot etc). Try to keep to yourself before you begin writing, after all, this time should be used to relax and clear your mind so that when you receive the exam, you are ready to excel.

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