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SAT Redesign

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Spring of 2016 will give a rise to another version of the SAT. Yes, that is correct, SAT format, style, and questions will be redesigned in the near future. Students planning to write SAT before March 2016 will still be writing the current test.

How is the new SAT Test different?

Optional Essay

The redesigned version of the SAT will have an optional essay section, and essay marks will be reported separately. Instead of 25 minutes, students will be given 50 minutes to write an essay. This section on the new SAT Test will require students to analyze a given source and write an evidence based essay.

Students will be asked to analyze a passage from a global conversation. Passages will reflect the US Founding Document, The Declaration of Independence, or Bill of Rights. This should motivate parents and teachers to encourage young people to read profound texts to help shape them into a well-informed citizens.

Math Section

The Math Section on the 2016 SAT Test will differ from the current test in that, it will have parts where calculators will be permitted, and parts where it will not be allowed. Along with multiple choice questions and grid-in answers, students will also have an extended question. This extended word problem will ask students to provide a full solution to a specific problem. This question alone will be worth four points. In addition to current topics, students will also be tested on their geometric and trigonometric skills.

Time and Penalties

Currently, students are given 3 hours and 45 minutes, which also includes the essay section. The redesigned test in 2016 will have 3 hours to complete all other sections and additional 50 minutes if students choose to write the optional essay.

The rise of this new SAT Test brings good news for the students who will be writing it and this is because there will be NO PENALTY FOR WRONG ANSWERS. Students will not be penalized for wrong or blank answers. Any wrong or blank answer will not affect the overall score they receive.

The SAT Redesign is definitely more coherent and a better reflection of post secondary education. The versatility of this test will surely benefit all the students even outside of the school.

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